Campbell Report

Campbell’s Report
Coordinated by Jonas Milder, Uarts Faculty MID

This project addressed the need of Campbell’s Global Design Center, a group of about 18 Art Directors, designers and administrative staff, to re-think their physical office environment in connection with the assessment and pending re-organization of the way projects are managed and work flows through the office.

A multi-disciplinary team of UArts students and recent graduates from the ID. MID and MultiMedia department
worked over a period of nine weeks, two days per week.

Using applied design research, design interventions and collaborative forums with CGDC staff, the design team established a dialog with and within the CGDC team, that eventually produced a number of 'design-orienting scenarios'. Several years later and after using this project and report as an argument for change, Campbell’s corporate planning approved and funded the renovation and upgrade of the CGDC office. Developing a shared understanding with the CGDC team was key in helping them to imagine and anticipate not only a better workspace, but a way of working more collaboratively. The new CGDC space and successful reorganization serve now as a model for future office planning and reorganization projects at Campbell’s.