Bookworm for 1100 Architects

Client: Robinhood Foundation and NYC Department of Education
Architect: 1100 Architects
1100 Architects came to us with the concept of creating a standardized library shelving system that would feature two 'hinge' element that would allow the shelf elements to be connected at different angles. The 'Bookworm' elements could then be configured (grouped) in different ways, curving through the space, to match unique site conditions at the five libraries. The system is flexible and allowed for tall stacks, counter height areas, and even passages. Milder Office's design-for-production approach maximized efficiencies and ensured ease of installation. Milder Office produced the components in upstate New York, and assembled the units in Greenpoint, Brooklyn lowering delivery costs.

The five public school libraries were installed as part of the L!brary Initiative sponsored by the Robinhood Foundation and NYC Department of Education.