Film faced plywood from Finland

The primary material used is pre-finished birch plywood from Finland, available in a variety of colors. Since the finish is applied at the lumber mill, the material requires no lacquering or other ecologically problematic secondary treatment. The edges of the plywood are typically left exposed, sanded smooth and sealed.

Limited emissions occur only during the closely controlled manufacturing process in state of the art facilities in Finland. After the plywood leaves the factory the material is free from any off-gassing and it’s overall emission level is comparable to that of untreated natural wood.

Birch trees are carefully farmed in Finland, where a sound method of reforestation and harvesting of lumber has been developed over the last century. Trees do not come from clear cutting of large native forests, but from family owned, well managed tree farms of continuously regenerated Finnish forests.

Milder Office has close contacts with the Finnish plywood producers, and as a result we are constantly enlarging the range of available materials. We use no woods from tropical forests. In the harsh conditions of northern Europe trees have a short growing season. Growth is slow and the annual rings are tight. These ideal natural conditions give rise to exceptionally strong wood of consistently high quality. The ideal raw material for plywood.


Please note: Some random variation of color and pattern in the plywood is to be expected due to the natural veneers and unusual characteristics of the surface finish. In addition, research has shown that all finishes are subject to color change, depending on age and exposure to light. These factors should be considered by buyers when comparing samples.

Laminate Surface
Exterior birch plywood from Finland or combi plywood overlaid with a colored multi layer coating. Quality assurance according to EN ISO 9001 and environmental management according to EN ISO 14001, certificated by DNV. Plastic laminate made of multiple melamine and phenolic resin impregnated films pressed together under heat and high pressure. Bonded to plywood with elastic two component glue meeting D4 requirements for exterior applications, EN 204.

- Hard wearing decorative colored surface
- Good color stability (6-7 according to DIN 54004
- Taint and odor free
- Environmentally friendly product (does not contain any chlorine derivatives)
- Wear resistance: Taber value abt.700 R(decorative surface)
- Exterior and interior uses

EN ISO 9001, EN ISO 14001, SMS 1003-1 (PEFC)