In addition to designing and producing ‘hardware’ for learning and working, Milder Office offers ‘Learning Things’ a workshop program and toolkit that helps a community of practice – e.g. students, faculty and staff – make sense of and upgrade their work and learning space.

A “Learning Things” workshop is highly structured and collaborative. In only a couple of hours participants move from personal insight to a shared understanding and, together, create actionable outcomes for prototyping and testing.

  1. Milder Office led a collaboration between the various stakeholders at Williams College with the goal of ‘harmonizing’ and aligning stakeholder interests through the use of participatory design methods that would involve the community at Williams College in the design process of a major library renovation. Milder Office helped the Williams College community recognize that it needed to understand its students’ learning habits in order to create responsive spaces that would get them to spend their time at the library instead of at local cafes.

  2. In preparation for the new reality of the library’s diminishing stacks and the need to expand services and outreach to the community, Jonas Milder facilitated a two hour long public workshop with Free Library of Philadelphia that kicked off a longer collaboration about imagineering the use and function of the library.

This project addressed the need of Campbell’s Global Design Center to re-think their physical office environment in connection with the assessment and pending re-organization of the way projects are managed and work flows through the office. Working hand-in-hand with our partners, we were able to tackle their most complex organizational and operational challenges.